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What should you feed your cat?
The brands and types of food you feed your cat are a personal decision with a lot of potential considerations including price, convenience, and even personal reaction to the smell, look, etc.
However, in general terms, canned food is better for your cat all the way around (i.e., dry food should never be fed in preference to canned, unless the cat really won't eat it). There are many reasons for this, but the main ones are:
  • Canned food has better nutritional value and it normally contains less salt and carbohydrates
  • Canned is actually better for oral hygiene (which may soundsfunny, but a study found that not only does dry food NOT scrape off tartar, it causes irritation and abrasions to the gums and lips... whereas the wet food caused the cat to secrete more saliva which contains enzymes that kill the bacteria that cause the plaque in the first place)
  • Canned contains more water - which is always good for cats since they have a low thirst drive, and can delvelop UT crystals if they don't get enough water intake
In choosing a food (either canned or dry), look for foods with high protein, low fat, and low carbohydrate. Good ingredients are meat of some type such as chicken, beef, fish, etc. These ingredients should be at the top of the list on he package.
Bad ingredients include by-products, meal, digest and gluten. In the best foods you won't see them listed at all, but if the food does have them they should be listed near the bottom of the ingredients.
Another good practice is rotating food brands. Manufacturers vary the contents of pet food according to availability and price each batch is different. They are required to stay within the percentages listed on the food package, but if you read the label closely, there is a range. One way of ensuring your cat receives well-balanced nutrition is to use a couple of brands.
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