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Feral Reclaim Program

When you register with CRC you have the option of getting an e-mail notification when a cat with an ear notch or ear tip is brought into animal control at either SJACS, SVACA, HSSV, or San Martín. If you recognize one of your colony cats from the e-mail, you may contact the shelter directly, or contact the feral reclaim coordinator for that area to get your cat back. Some agencies charge a reclaim fee.

Colony Food Assistance

This is a program to help people who feed colony cats by providing occasional cat food. Feeders must register with CRC and have already TNR’d or will TNR all cats in the colony. Recipients must also agree to a visit from a CRC representative to verify that the cats are neutered. All colony information is kept confidential, and listed in the database by general area only.

This program is meant to assist low income and fixed income feeders so that they may continue to support outdoor cats. It is limited to residents of Santa Clara County at this time. This program is not for pet cats.

The cat food will be various brands and the food will not be available every week.  To sign up for the program, please submit a request including your contact information, general colony size and location, and verification that TNR is practiced for your colony (or colonies).
Click Here To Submit A Request.

Donating Colony Food / Tax Deductions

If you would like to donate money or food for feeding CRC-registered cat colonies, please contact us!  We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit so all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.