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November 2009 CRC volunteers assisted a colony feeder in finding a place for a litter of six kittens. While the feeder is experienced at colony feeding, he was not able to become a foster caregiver. One of the activities of CRC is to work with property owners and managers to create satisfactory living arrangements between residents and cats. We have successfully come to an agreement with the management of a large apartment complex regarding multiple colonies living in and nearby the area. CRC will keep management informed of TNR plans and also respond to residents questions concerning TNR. This is definitely good news for both the residents and the cats October 2009 CRC volunteers advised residents in San Jose and Santa Clara on options for keeping their cats in the backyard. By using simple, inexpensive coated chicken wire, a backyard can be a safe and find area for pet cats to experience the outdoors. CRC matched outdoor cats who were about to be surrendered with a new outdoor home. Relocating free roaming cats is only done as a last resort, in other words, when the other option is euthanasia. Unfortunately, when education hasn't worked, relocating becomes necessary. September 2009 CRC volunteers assisted a San Jose resident in trapping five cats. All were returned to the neighborhood after spay/neuter.