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Help The CRC

We can’t do it alone!
The Cat Resource Center is a 100% volunteer effort. We receive no funding of any kind from any public agency, and we are only here because of the dedication of our members to cat welfare.  
You don’t need to be a cat expert to help!
Our biggest need is people. We’re always looking for responsible folks that want to help promote feline wellbeing, and we’re not only interested in cat “experts” or “specialists”, or those that are already volunteers. Given the large number and types of projects that the CRC is set up to resolve, we can use people of every background, ability and experience level. From those that can transport cats from one place to another, or that can return phone calls and perform general administrative tasks, even if you are not rescuing or fostering cats - if you want to volunteer we can use your help.  
Responsibility is the main qualification!
The CRC can only work if its members follow-through on their commitments. It is the most important thing in helping the CRC, because the public, the cats, and the other CRC members need to know that they can place their trust in the organization. If that’s you, and you are interested in opportunities to help the CRC, please click here to join or here to get more information: Email Us about CRC Opportunities  
Donations are also welcome!
The CRC can use donations of all kinds, including cat food, crates, traps, towels, blankets, toys, litter, scratching posts, and of course, money. Donations are tax-deductable, and should be made out to the Cat Resouce Center, or use the "Donate Now" buton on the left siodebar to use Paypal/credit card.