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How many cats is TOO many?

If one is not enough, are 10 too many?  In almost all cases, the answer is YES.

Some things to consider when you would like to live with more than 2 cats (Note:  more than 5 cats pretty much ensures some spraying problems):

Finances.  Cats are generally low cost family members.  But if they need urgent medical care or testing, the costs can add up pretty quickly.  A standard blood test is over $100.  Teeth cleaning can run $300 to $1,000.

Cleaning.  Each cat should have her own litter box that is cleaned once a day.  Automated boxes can help, but you will still need multiple boxes. 

Space/Time ratio.  To keep multiple cats happy (and not cause stress-spraying), you need either a large house, a lot of time, or both.  Cats need to have their own space and if they have to share, they need their one-on-one time with their people.  There is no calculation that can answer this for all cats, because each cat has different space and attention needs.  You can add "space" by building cat walks around your rooms and using cat trees.

Personalities.  Not all cats thrive in multi-cat homes.  Cat should not be forced to live with someone they hate.  Adequate space and proper introductions can help, but if they really don't like each other, you can expect fighting and spraying.

Vacations.  If you are not home to take care of them, you will need to find someone able and willing to feed, clean, and play with everyone.