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When cats become an issue in a neighborhood and you need to talk to the residents, here are some helpful flyers and informational pamphlets to take with you.

Basic Mitigation Package
1. Alley Cat Allies' brochure "How to Live With Cats in Your Neighborhood". This gives a basic overview of TNR, the vacuum effect, and lists common complaints and solutions (brochure version): Alley Cat Allies
2. Same item, but in text format on Alley Cat Allies' website: Alley Cat Allies
3. List of cat deterrents (items to keep cats away from yards, cars, flower beds, etc.): Deterrents (doc)
4. Door hanger description of San Jose Feral Freedom Program San Jose Feral Freedom Program  website (sponsored by Town Cats)
5. Brief description of ear tipped cats and why residents want to leave them be Ear tipped Cats