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Trapping and Trap Rentals

Also see the TNR topic (from the previous page/master list).
Trap Use
Humane Trapping SFAPCA
Humane Trapping Alley Cat Allies
Trap Instructions
List of Trap Rentals Updated June 2011
Hard to trap cats:  Try this before using a Drop Trap! (.doc)  
Basic Trapping Checklist (especially for new trappers and folks who are helping out)
HELP! I caught something besides a cat! (video on how to release accidentally trapped wildlife and non-feline critters)
Keeping cats in a trap overnight! When you need to keep cats for a short preiod, for example, when waiting for an appointment or for medical recovery)
Making a standard trap 'Command Activated' Close the trap door by pulling a string. Get the cats you want, not the ones you don't.
Drop Trap, how to make (MS Word) or link  www.catinfo.org/buildingadroptrap.htm