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The CRC: Helping Existing Cat Volunteers


The CRC's primary focus is to serve the existing community of cat rescue volunteers.  It allows us to:
  • Share resources and  knowledge
  • Minimize duplication of effort
  • Maximize public and volunteer participation, and
  • Increase political and community awareness.

At the same time, the CRC protects privacy, of both people and cats, while not interfering in any way with the procedures or organizational affiliations people already have or adhere to. You continue to do what you want to do, the way you want to, and when you want to.

The CRC is here to get you help if you need it, or let you help someone else when you can.

If you Feed Colonies, the CRC can help you:
  • Find substitute feeders for when you go on vacation or can't feed.
  • Get free food.
  • Find out who else is feeding your colony.
  • Send you email notifications when notched cats are turned in to local shelters (SVACA, SJAC, HSSV)

  •   If you TNR Colonies, the CRC can help you:
  • Get equipment.
  • Get people to help trap or transport.
  • Find holding locations before/after surgery.
  • Interface with apartment complexes, offices, and others in the neighborhood.
  • Provide informational flyers, signs, etc.
  • Maintain privacy for both you and the colony.

  • If you Foster Kittens/Adults, the CRC can help you:
  • Find adoption fairs.
  • Get answers on health and wellness.
  • Share resources.
  • Find foster programs to be a part of or get help with expenses.

  •   If you Provide Advice/Do "Spot Projects", the CRC can help you:
  • Reach more people with the advice and information.
  • Get more information in areas that you are not familiar.
  • Help find one or two activities, or aspects of those activities, that you really enjoy that you can focus on.
  • "Outsource" what does not fit into your schedule so you can do more of what does.
  • Manage activities form home without having to be "on the ground".

  • If you DO ALL OF THE ABOVE, the CRC can also help you:
  • Streamline your efforts by allowing you to "outsource" jobs to other members when it is more efficient to do so.
  • Keep doing the range of what you are doing, but allow you to "shuffle and trade" with other volunteers in order to concentrate your activities by area (a single town instead of all over the county), and/or by general function (feeding vs. feeding, transportation, trapping, adoptions fairs, etc).


    But I already have a huge list!


    Most folks working with cats already have lots of things to do, and not enough time or resources to do them.
    Then it seems like someone is always adding to it - friends, family, co-workers and anyone else that know you do cat work.

    The CRC can help with your "to-do list" in the following ways:

    ► Don't get crushed under the weight of your list alone, share what you have to do with other CRC members.
    ► Pooling everyone's "list" lets us prioritize what to do first.
    ►The CRC is a management system designed to make sure that nothing unknowingly falls through the cracks.